Founded in 1959, SONERES is a business organization with 100% Portuguese capital that invests in the conception and fabrication of public lighting integrated systems.
The production is centered in the public lighting devices using the most advanced LED technology, keeping the conventional lighting solutions as options to markets and projects less oriented to the eco-efficiency theme.
Being certified and homologated by the various players in this business area, SONERES invests in the certification of its products according to the standards prevailing in this segment and focus also on foreign markets.
Oriented to the value-added products, SONERES offers to its clients personalized solutions, developed in conjunction with several architects, light designers and end customers, in three main areas:

  •  Products for exclusive projects
  •  Combine Lamps with envolving space and urban furniture
  •  Conception of new autor products

Soneres Light My Way

Soneres designs a new future based on over 50 years of history, inheriting the experience of lighting systems in all cities, towns and villages of Portugal.
The future is led by the dream, the ambition of having a Portugal with better lighting, but also a Portugal more modern and more efficient.
Soneres, a company with 100% Portuguese capital, invests, uses and believes in national engineering. With competence, expresses its will to contribute to a better street lighting sector using the latest technology.
The Soneres strategy experiences a profound change with its inclusion in Ramalhos group, which includes the Exporlux.
The new framework adds to Soneres a new technological capability, a new productive dynamism, enhanced commercial approach and a targeted vision for the new challenges of the global market.