Integrated Management System Policy

Organization Policy

SONERES commits itself to the following principles and continuous improvement in each of the following areas:

Stakeholder satisfaction: Looking to evolve and invest consciously, both in equipment and at the level of competencies, in order to produce with more quality and lower cost, reinforcing the degree of competitiveness and responding in the best way to the demands and expectations of our customers as well as the market, with a view to the sustained improvement of the management system.

Employee motivation: Providing a climate of internal communication, allowing the constant exchange of opinions and "knowledge", with a view to a constant improvement of Working Conditions, as well as associated Processes, thus generating a relationship of trust that contributes for the motivation of staff and their performance in jobs and responsibilities within the company;

Collaborate with suppliers and stakeholders: Promoting a climate of partnership, thus fostering a relationship of mutual aid and cooperation in the search for the best solutions for both parties in the sense of continuous improvement of their products and services;

Pollution prevention: Control and monitoring environmental aspects with significant impact resulting from the activity, continuously seeking to reduce them and whenever possible find and / or create alternatives for valorization.

Compliance with legal requirements and other requirements: of Clients, Competent Bodies and / or Entities, applicable to our Environmental Processes and Impacts with the collaboration of all stakeholders.

This policy is made known to all employees through posting and communication to them.

In order to ensure the above mentioned principles, the Administration defines and maintains internally a set of objectives and goals. Its monitoring (and review where warranted) is done permanently by the Administration in conjunction with the Quality Manager and others involved, as described in MP01- Management of the Organization.